How to resolves Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues: see Npower support team reply on disengagement of Batch A Beneficiaries

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Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues are another problem npower volunteers do have after the monthly payment of beneficiaries across the 36 states of the federation. See more detail under as we promise to bring updates about disengagement of Batch A volunteers across the states.

This article will tell you more about steps to resolve Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues and here I will enlighten you on disengagement of Batch A volunteers across the states.

How to resolves Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues

Before you starts any step, you need to login here to check your status

If you are yet to be paid your January, February, March, April May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December stipends, follow the instructions listed carefully.

  1. Send ONE email to
  2. Title the email – Example: Unpaid March and April stipends
  3. Email should include
    a. State of Residence
    b. Name
    c. PPA
    d. NPVN no

It is important that you follow the instructions carefully.

FMARD Npower Validation is still ongoing register here

See Npower support team reply on disengagement of Batch A Beneficiaries

One of Npower beneficiaries raised a question about rumor malingering the exits of Batch A Volunteers.

According to Salisu Bulama Thank you Npower for all your effort for the benefits of beneficiaries. We really appreciate and may God bless you. Please Npower, how true is the rumors circulating in the social media channels that soon Federal Government is going to disengage all Npower beneficiaries? We were very shocked for hearing this news, because apart from Npower, we have no any good source of income. Please Npower, do not disengage us. If you disengage us, we have no way of getting any employment. Because most of us (Npower beneficiaries) are the children of nobody and we have no one to stand for us. And if you disengage us, you really contributed to the increment of unemployment rate in the country and most of the beneficiaries are going to fall into a trouble that may lead to cause them into stealing, rubbery, kidnapping and much other unwanted behaviour. Please, please, please Npower do not disengage us. Say no to disengagement. Thanks for your time.

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Npower support team reply

We always make post here on such issues, but we haven’t made any post to that effect.
Please disregard that information.

How to get update from Efficiencyview team

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How to resolves Npower Stipend backlog Payment issues



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  1. Email a Immanuel,Name Abi Emmanuel Ogbo,state of serving Benue state, Local Government of serving Makurdi, PPAUBE Junior Secondary school Kanshio, Makurdi, Category N-Teach,Batch 1,Npower registered no:6512,NPVNNo:/BE/2016/033356,Appealing to resolves stipends backlogs payment issues that my payment been hold from July 2019–February 2020, I received only March 2020, April, May making a total of Ten months stipends now.

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