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www.npower.gov.ng/assessment – Npower Programme Nigeria latest Update

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www.npower.gov.ng/assessment- Npower Programme Nigeria latest Update –

Npower Programme application has ended. Verification and assessment is ongoing. The NPower Programme team will be in touch regarding assessment and eventual enrollment. Here you will know your assessment dates and how you will login to access your test. All necessary Information will be available on the website also will be publishing on the N-Power social media like Twitter and Facebook platform.

The Federal Government social investment said it has received 749,000 applications as at the close of the online portal on 31st of August. The information was given by the special assistant to the president on the social investment program, Mariam Uwais, while speaking to journalists.

But before your name will be shortlisted in the Npower Programme you will undergoes assessment questions.

The Npower programme received application from the 774 Local government areas of the country. Most applicants coming from Lagos, Oyo, Rivers and Bauchi. According to her the Npower Programme team is on the process of compiling the application also commencement of training of successful applicants will start October, she also added, the successful applicant will be train for a period of one month before the participants are deployed to states across the federation to provide extension services. The entire participant will be provided with a device like laptop, desktop etc which will help to provide extension services to the people.

Uwais further explained that the program has been divided into three segments namely,

  • N-Power Corps:  Paid Volunteer Teacher Corps for Graduate Training.
  • N-power Knowledge: Empowerment for Knowledge Work.
  • N-power Build: Build Nigeria Program for Training and Empowerment of Artisans.

According to her the important of N-power corps was to give unemployed graduates chance to be empowered for a better tomorrow.

In addition Laolu Akande, senior special assistant, Media and Publicity, Office of the Vice President. According to him the assessments in the various categories of the N-Power programme scheme will end on October 18. All candidates will receive a notification from the Npower Programme team by SMS of their assessment the day before.

In his further statement all assessments will include some personal questions and other questions testing basic knowledge of English, General Knowledge and Quantitative Reasoning.

Assessment Schedules (Dates) For Npower Programme

  • Programe: N-Power Teach: Assessment Day: 20th September -28th September, 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Agro: Assessment Day 29th September – 1st October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Health: Assessment Day 2nd October – 3rd October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Community Education: Assessment Day 4th October – 6th October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Creative: Assessment Day 7th October – 9th October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Tech (Software): Assessment Day 10th October – 12th October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Tech (Hardware): Assessment Day 13th October – 14th October 2016.
  • Programe: N-Power Build: 15th October – 18th October 2016.

According to the Npower Programme team, the schedule for assessment which start on Tuesday 20 September and is currently going on, applicants who chose the N-Power Teach programme will be first in line, all applicants whose surname start with the alphabets V-Z are advise to login and start their assessment test on the stipulated dates.

The Npower Programme (assessment) schedules dates are as follows, but it will be according to the initial of your surname:

For N-power Teach:

  • 20th September 2016 V, W, X, Y, Z
  • 21st September 2016 P, Q, R, T, U
  • 22nd September 2016 Aa – Al
  • 23rd September 2016 Am – Az, B
  • 24th September 2016 O
  • 25th September 2016 M,N
  • 26th September 2016 F, G, H, I
  • 27th September 2016 C, D, E
  • 28th September 2016 J, K, L, S

For N-Power Agro:

  • 29th September 2016 A, B, C, D, F, G
  • 30th September 2016 E, H, I, J, K, L, M, N
  • 1st October 2016 O – Z

For N-Power Health:

  • 2nd October 2016 A – I
  • 3rd October 2016 J – Z

For N-Power Community Education:

  • 4th October 2016 A – G
  • 5th October 2016 H – N, P – T
  • 6th October 2016 O, U, Z

For N-Power Creative:

  • 7th October 2016 A – E
  • 8th October 2016 F – N
  • 9th October 2016 O – Z

For N-Power Tech (Software):

  • 10th October 2016 A – H 1
  • 11th October 2016 I – R
  • 12th October 2016 S – Z

For N-Power Tech (Hardware):

  • 13th October 2016 A – J
  • 14th October 2016 K – Z

For N-Power Build:

  • 15th October 2016 A – B
  • 16th October 2016 C – I
  • 17th October 2016 J – S
  • 18th October 2016 T – Z.

How to login for Npower Programme Assessment/Test

  • Visit: https://portal.npower.gov.ng/testing/login/index.php
  • Enter your phone number as your username.
  • Type your surname as your password, in small letters.
  • Finally click on login to start your assessment.

Please note your phone number must be the number you used during your registration. All applicants can access the assessment portal with your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer provided that the devices have internet connection. All tests must be done online.

click here to start your assessment

Applicants are authorized to check their profile for assessment as represented in the schedule. Please note, the schedules break down, applicant is by initials of your surnames.

Note: Before you will think of checking your name, make sure during your online registration an acknowledge slip was sent to you after you might have registered from Npower Programme team, you can also check your email address now for your acknowledge slip.

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