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www.npower.gov.ng: N-power Examination Schedule Date for 2017 out, See your Examination Schedule date here

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The awaiting N-power Examination Schedule date has been released by N-power team. We are glad to notify all N-power applicants who submitted their N-power application form via online successfully that the N-power Examination Schedule date is out.

The schedule date was arranged in alphabetical order according to the last name you submitted during your online registration. Here we will list out the exact date for your N-power examination according the last name.

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Please Note that the N-power Examination Schedule date released is for N-power Tax, N-power Teach, N-power Teach Health and N-power Teach Agro. And N-power team will sent a text message 24hrs to the date of your schedule examination.

Note also the N-power Examination Schedule date was released since 1st day of July and the N-power screening Examination is expected to July 2017.

Start now http://www.npower.gov.ng/

N-power Examination Schedule date Test has been scheduled in a specific date and format. Now look below full list for N-power Examination Schedule date for online screening test.

  1. July 1st       N-power Teach Tax                   O,Z,V,W,A,H,Y,P,L,G,K,T,
  2. July 2nd       N-power Teach Tax                   D, J, C, B, N, U, S, M, and I
  3. July 3rd       N-power Teach Tax                   E, O, AND A
  4. July 4th       N-power Teach Health              I, E, S, U, N, B, C, J, D, AND G
  5. July 5TH      N-power Teach Health              T, K, Y, H, F, L, R, P, W, Z, D, AND X
  6. July 6th       N-power Teach Health              M, O, AND A
  7. July 7th       N-power Teach Agro                 , A AND M
  8. July 8th       N-power Teach Agro                 I, E AND O
  9. July 9th       N-power Teach Agro                 S, U, N, B, J, C AND D
  10. July 10th     N-power Teach Agro                 T, K, G, Y, H, F, L, P, R, W, V AND Z
  11. July 11st     N-power Teach                         H, F, L, R, P, W, V, Z, Q AND X
  12. July 12st     N-power Teach                         G, K AND Y
  13.  July 13st    N-power Teach                         D, C, AND T
  14. July 14st     N-power Teach                         J AND N
  15. July 15st     N-power Teach                         B AND U
  16. July 16st     N-power Teach                         E
  17. July 17st     N-power Teach                         O
  18. July 18st     N-power Teach                         I
  19. July 19st     N-power Teach                         M
  20. July 20st     N-power Teach                         S
  21. July 21st     N-power Teach                         A

July 25th – 31st is for applicants who submitted their application late

N-power Online Assessment Aptitude Test covers 20 questions and to be answer in 15 minutes a computer base aptitude test.

N-power Examination Schedule Date for 2017 out, See your Examination Schedule date

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  1. In fact, i did not know when i going to write exam. I was on August 1st before I knew that i supposed to write exam on or before July, 31st.

    Please, What is the solution to this? Please help!

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