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Working Right: God Will Make a Way for you |Text: John 21:1-6

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Working Right: God Will Make a Way for you |Text: John 21:1-6

The person who might thrive must discover effortlessness in God’s sight. Likewise, the kindred must be set up to buckle down. At the point when God has opened the entryway, it is not time to rest, but rather time to work (working right). Notwithstanding these, to prosper, you should work right. Working rabbit is not as critical as working right or there will be consequences, workers would have been the wealthiest individuals on earth.

In spite of the fact that Peter angled throughout the night, he doesn’t caught anything since he was in the wrong place. He must be guided on the right area and timing so that his diligent work would yield a decent gathers. Today, numerous individuals are working with their heart and might in a wrong place, occupation or business subsequently, no harvest. At the point when at a wrong employment, your endeavors for all intents and purposes go down the channel. In any capacity you are working at a wrong area, the Lord will manage you to your suitable spot of harvest in Jesus’ Name (working right).

In John 21:1-6, Peter went on another fishing expedition with his friends and got the same result. They toiled all night but caught nothing.  The problem may not necessarily be the size of your team but the location of the business. Sometime, it is even the type of business. Many people have gone to university to read courses that cannot offer them anything. Some people are in jobs or businesses whereas their financial harvests are somewhere else. Peter was fishing on his left side while his harvest is on the right side. Sometime you could be in the right business but you may be targeting the rich while you should be targeting the poor. Or your product or service may target at the adults whereas your financial harvest is awaiting you in the children’s belt. If you are not getting your desire harvest, pause a little and consider your location. If you continue to make the same inputs in the same location that has failed to give you the right yield, you may not get a different result. In 1 Corinthians 9:26, Paul said when he fights, he makes sure he fights right and not uncertainly (working right). That is a good fighter. It is not enough to be seen to be struggling or making efforts: you must work right. If you are willing to pay the price, God is willing to move you to the top. It takes two to tango. Do your part and the Lord will do His. Many of us blame God for the lack of Harvest after so much labour. Henceforth, look at the direction or location, reconsider what you do and find out from God. You will enter your harvest this season.


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