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Wefundafrica.club, How to login, How to become a member with 8000 Naira

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Wefundafrica.club, How to login, How to become a member with 8000 Naira

Wefundafrica.club is a matrix program that starts with 8000 naira. Wefundafrica.club turns 8000 naira to 40000 naira in a week and few days. Wefundafrica.club was found by the organization of Hostinger International Limited in United States. Make use of your spare money and be on your way to financial freedom.

Only serious members are wanted.

How does wefundafrica.club works/pay

Wefundafrica.club works as others do but its community is special, why I said is special is because, no needs of you hunting for down liners just register and relax, system will do the work for you, it will only take one week and few days or if you wish you can refer someone under you but you need to convince up to five people that will pay you 8000 naira each, which makes up to 40000 naira. 8000 naira to get 40000 naira is for grade one. In grade two you don’t need to work much to get your money but if you need your money quickly you need to advertise your link on social media also be serious to convince people about the community #WEFA.

To upgrade to grade 2 you must make payment of 16000 naira to another individual and wait for some days for system to give you 25 down liners that will pay you 400,000 naira.

How to become a member in wefundafrica.club

To become a member in wefundafrica.club follow the instructions beneath:

  • Visit http://wefundafrica.club/signup.php
  • Sign up and fill the form correctly: immediately you signup to the #WEFA website automatically you become a free member of #WEFA. But as a free member you are mandated to make donation within two days, failing to do so within the period of time given, system will delete your account.
  • As a free member make your first donation to upgrade to grade 1. So gently click on the upgrade button to make your first donation which will makes you a grade 1 member, so to start earning money from #WEFA you need to upgrade your account by donating 8000 naira only to grade one to become a member of #WEFA.
  • Make sure you have a working email address in other to activate your account why because your username and password will be mail to you via your email address.

Please note: you can change your password after your first login.

Wefundafrica.club is real and it pays join now



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