University of California Undergraduates admission/Scholarships Login Portal – create account here

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University of California located at Berkeley, California, among the best public university system in the world. This post is all about how you can create account through University of California’ Student Undergraduates admission/Scholarships Login Portal. Learn more.

Are you among students that gained undergraduates admission or scholarship program at University of California in current academic session, this article will help you to create account/signup and login/signin successfully, read carefully.

Did you know that you can apply to all UCI scholarships with one online application? The link I will provide here will assist you in accessing through the application form processing successfully.

How to create account with UCI for Undergraduates admission/Scholarships

To create account successfully, you must have a functioning email address and a remembering password.

Your password must contain:

  • – 8 to 30 characters

And meet at least three of the following requirements:

  • – An English lowercase letter (a-z)
  • – An English uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • – A number between 0-9
  • – A special character: !@#$%^&*+<>?.-

Now you can create account here

Fill form correctly, then click on CREATE ACCOUNT

Already have an account sign here

Forgot your password?

Please note better, The University of California uses the information requested on the application to process your application for admission, scholarships, and statistical analysis and reporting.

Harvard University Students Login Portal

Scholarships Link for University of California

Prospective students apply here

Continuing students apply here

University of California Undergraduates admission/Scholarships Login Portal

Are you looking for UCI Undergraduates admission/Scholarships Login Link Portal? You are at the right place. See below the Application Link where you can process your admission and apply for Scholarships at University of California Berkeley, California, U.S.

Student’s portal for UCI Undergraduates admission/Scholarships Login Link Portal here

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University of California Berkeley Registration Link Portal



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