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Sustain Your Sacrifices| Philippians 3:12-15 be a champion

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Some will ask how will I be a champion and what does it take to be a champion? Life is full of battles, contests and struggles. When you win an opponent in a contest, you become a champion or winner. It is not easy to become a champion as it requires great efforts, but to sustain being a champion is even more challenging. All those involved in a contest are potential champions and keen to their pursuit.

However out of these, some may never experience what is like to be a champion. For those who succeed in making it, being a champion is not the end but the beginning of the story. After making several costly sacrifices to become a champion, more daily sacrifice will be required of you to remain a champion. An adage says: “the price of safety is unrelenting vigilance”. For your light to continue to burn brightly there must be constant supply of fuel or effort to sustain it. There are some spiritual exercises that you cannot afford to stop doing in order to remain relevant. Why do you think he fasted often as recorded in 2corinthians 11:27?
You cannot say because you prayed throughout January, there is no need for you to pray for the remaining part of the year. Why? The prayer effort for January cannot sustain you to the end of the year. Certain things must be repeated in other to achieve greater impact. As it is in the spiritual, so is it in the physical. Take a cue from the daily usual of bathing, when you clean up on 1st January, would you refuse to clean up on subsequent days? When you cut your nails, not long after you will discover they are grown again. Read 1 King 18:1-24 the bible teaches us that there is no stopping until you get to your destination. After attending monthly crusade or vigil. Some who attended it will never bother to have their own vigil. In the same vein, some people who take part in the month of fasting early in the year never bother to fast for the rest of the year. That you attended bible study on a particular Tuesday does not mean that you should not make out time to personally study the bible for the rest of that week. You must never forget who you are! Remember God created man in his own image, you are like him so don’t what you are created for. Usually, when believers fail to do what they are expected to do, it is because they have forgotten who they are, You are a divine champion no doubt about it. You are created to stay that way. But what are you doing to stay a champion? You cannot feel reluctant believing God will do everything for you no! You need to be in God’s reign. Every daily effort you fail to make gradually erodes your position in life. Make more effort in order to actualize your dream. Good luck!

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