Sexual Benefits of Calabash chalk (Nzu) and Bitter Kola – A must read

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This article is all about the health benefits of Calabash chalk (Nzu) and Bitter Kola when mixed together. Hope you are aware any bitter thing gives better result. Get all the details you need below;

Do you know you can make love, perform well without getting her pregnant Why worry when there is a remedy to help boost your potency and you would still not pregnant the girl in which you are about to meet. Research proves that when you are alright in good health that you are to pregnant a lady but this remedies proves It wrong.

How to get the best of Calabash chalk (Nzu) and Bitter Kola when mixed together

You can be healthy and still not pregnant a lady. This remedy helps take nzu (calabash chalk)one cube and bitter kola one Mind you taking much of Calabash chalk (Nzu)  increase the rate of kaolin in the body that causes more harm than good together with I bitter kola.

Bitter kola is very good for the body because it’s content but because of its alkanolic content which causes low sperm count it’s advised to take just one of it. Mind you while taking all these please kindly drink two cups of water to dilute all you have taking and in 30 minutes time you are ready to make out with you girlfriend.

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Sexual Benefits of Calabash chalk (Nzu) and Bitter Kola



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