Nigeria Education Verification System, verify all Educational Certificates here:

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Nigeria Education Verification System is set to meet the needs of Education’s Policy, Planning, Financial, Payroll, Human Capital Resources and Management. The Nigeria Education Verification System helps to terminate degree fraud in Nigeria and all qualifications claimed as being held by a staff member and all required professional memberships/certifications/accreditation. Verify any kind of certification and accreditation here.

Nigeria Education Verification System

About NEVS

The platform is for all Nigerian Education Sector to act as a National Education grid in due time to specifically address the requests and needs of Lack of Accurate, Real Time, and Verifiable Examination Records.

NEVS verification includes: Secured Enrollment (ACADEMIC & BIOMETRY) and Real Time Transcript Request for all Institutions.

The Nigeria Education Verification System is in conjunction with Federal Ministry of Education to power the already existing Converged Education Sector Database of the Federal Ministry of Education.

The major aim of this platform are listed below

  • To create a new world class solution that would track and manage student’s academic records in real time.
  • Provide warning notification of potential lapses in certification
  • Eradicate falsification of results
  • Validate records
  • Manage online resources and documents
  • Provide technical support and security, excellent reporting tools
  • To build recruitment databases, maintains statistical data for critical developmental decisions
  • Generates automated reports to stakeholders

Nigeria Education Verification System will help you in the following services

  1. Biometric Data capture
  2. Academic Tracking
  3. Certificates Verification
  4. Degree Verification
  5. Resource Centers
  6. Administration & Maintenance

This platform affiliates with National University Commission, National Board for Technical Education and National Commission for Colleges of Education.

Mostly in Nigerian Varsities, is now required to verify and collect professional memberships, certifications and accreditation of existing and prospective staff members in Nigeria because no institutions want to tolerate with job seeks regarding their CVs and job applications, the Nigeria Education Verification System will help you to do that perfectly.

The Nigeria Education Verification System is also specifically designed for student’s verification in high institutions in Nigerian so Parents, Employees and associates of students can make use of NEVS to verify the studentship of any individual in Nigeria’s Institutions of higher learning.

How to verify with Nigeria Education Verification System (NEVS)

The verification is based on acquired professional memberships/certifications/accreditations. The Federal Ministry of Education made it easy for company or institutions to verify job seeks regarding their CVs and job applications to terminates degree fraud in Nigeria and Eradicate falsification of results etc. to verify is very easy just follow the steps below.

  1. Verify professional memberships/certifications/accreditation via
  2. Create account with the platform if you wish
  3. A box is displaced at your right hand side
  4. Enter your Registration Number/ESN
  5. Then click on VERIFY

Nigeria Education Verification System verify all Educational Certificates in Nigeria

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