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Importance of Naira Debit MasterCard in Nigeria Banking System

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Importance of Naira Debit MasterCard in Nigeria Banking System

Your Naira Debit MasterCard is a convenient and secure way to access your funds anywhere and anytime you need it. Whether you are shopping at the mall, trading online, paying bills or even when you are traveling for business or leisure, accessing money in your account is very fast and easy as well. You can use your Naira Debit MasterCard to pay for goods and services on a POS or online, withdraw cash from ATMs and even top up your mobile phone. Also when your bills are due, quietly use your Naira Debit MasterCard to settle them online or at any ATM that supports bill payments.

Your Naira Debit MasterCard is highly protected with advanced technology, stays in control knowing your card, please only transacts when you are available. You are advice not to disclose your PIN or card details to anyone, keep your card safe at any given time.

Your Naira Debit MasterCard is automatically enabled with a dynamic 3D authentication service via a One-Time-Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile phone number which allows you pay easily and securely online at international retail sites. Like paying with quickteller online etc, no need for passwords or secret questions.

Also your card may be disabled from working in certain high risk merchant locations or countries. If you ever need to use your card in these circumstances, you can request to have your card enabled for transactions in these locations. Please kindly walk into your designated Bank branch nearest to you to activate your card.

World recognition of Naira Debit MasterCard

Your Naira Debit MasterCard is accepted internationally. Make use of your Naira Debit MasterCard at millions and millions of locations, in-store, online and at the ATM all over the world/globe once MasterCard Logo is displayed but depending on the bank name you open account with.

More useful information about your Naira Debit MasterCard

ATM Cash Withdrawals

You can withdraw up to 7 to 8 times daily with a cumulative transaction limit of N150, 000 for domestic transactions and $350 or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad.

Please note: there is a N240 charge for each withdrawal done at an ATM abroad. Depending on the Bank name you are using. ATM owners may also charge additional fee if apply.

Purchases at Point of Sale (POS) terminals or on the Internet

Purchase or pay up to 16 times a day with a cumulative spend limit of N2,000,000  at a POS and N1,000,000 online or its equivalent in any currency if the transaction is done abroad or on international websites.

Please limit adjustments available on request.

Exchange Rates

When using your card abroad irrespective of the currency, the transaction amount would be converted at an applicable exchange rate derived from the Nigerian Interbank foreign Exchange rate at that moment.

Your day is busy enough, let your Naira Debit MasterCard  make banking easier for you.


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