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Christians all over the world mostly Catholics, begins Lenten Season on Wednesday

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Christians all over the world mostly Catholics, begins Lenten Season on Wednesday

Christians all over the world mostly Catholics, will on Wednesday, begins this year’s Lenten season. Lent always start with the distribution of the ash on Ash Wednesday a journey of forty day and forty night (Matthew 4:1-2), the Lenten season calling us all for conversion. Which reminds all Christians, “Man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return” and repent and believe the gospel”. Christians are advise to return to God with all their heart” (Joel 2:12)

Lenten Season
Lenten Season

Why Christians all over the world mostly Catholics observes Lenten Season        

Lent is a period of grace set out for us to do some “Spiritual Cleaning” in our daily lives and make resolution not to sin again. Lent is the favorable season for renewing our encounter with Christ his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial, and resurrection. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday; Lenten season is normally six weeks of self discipline.  Lent reminds us for giving up, not just food and meat, but giving up gossip, lies, stealing, cheating, quarreling, Sexual immorality, fighting, gambling, clubbing, drinking and the likes.(Esther 4:1-3; Jeremiah 6:26; Daniel 9:3)

According to the Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis, during his Lenten season message he said “Lent is a favorable season for deepening our spiritual life through the means of sanctification which offered to us: fasting, prayer and alms-giving. Most important of its all is the word of God, which during this season we are, invited to hear and ponder more deeply”

Lent is a time of reconciling with God, Jesus does not write us off because we have sinned.  He recognizes that the sinner has a future. So he looks beyond our sin and sees something precious and glorious. He sees the endless possibility that lie ahead for the repentant sinner.

The Whole Scenario of Lenten Season always a quiet/Meditation time which invites us to meditate and reflect on God’s abiding presence.


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