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Banking and Finance as a Career in Nigeria Institutions

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The Department of Banking and Finance offers a four-year degree program prompting to the honor of the Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and Finance in Nigeria. The degree is obtained through course work and Research extend. The real accentuation is on Banking, Financial Management, Investment Analysis and Project Evaluation. Before picking the course as your profession, you have to comprehend what saving money and fund about.

Banking and Finance

A bank is a monetary endeavor that acknowledges stores from people in general and makes credit. Loaning exercises can be performed either straightforwardly or by implication through capital markets. Keeping money in its advanced sense developed in the fourteenth century in the rich urban areas of Renaissance Italy however from multiple points of view was a continuation of thoughts and ideas of credit and loaning that had their source in the antiquated world.

Banking all in all study is the business movement of tolerating and protecting cash claimed by different people and elements, and afterward loaning out this cash keeping in mind the end goal to acquire a benefit.

In other word banking implies participating in the matter of keeping cash for funds and financial records or for trade or for issuing advances and credit and so on moreover saving money implies executing business with a bank; storing or pulling back assets or asking for an advance. Case of managing an account:

Home Banking: saving money in which exchanges are led by method for electronic correspondence (by means of phone or PC)

Online Banking: Online keeping money, otherwise called internet banking, e-saving money is an electronic installment framework that empowers clients of a bank or other monetary foundation to direct a scope of budgetary exchanges through the budgetary establishment’s site. The internet keeping money framework will regularly interface with or be a piece of the center managing an account framework worked by a bank and is rather than branch saving money which was the customary way clients got to saving money administrations. Generally and in component, online banking, Internet Banking and e-Banking are the same.


Finance amongst the most critical parts of business administration and incorporates investigation identified with the utilization and obtaining of assets for the undertaking. Finance is an investigation of ventures. It incorporates the progression of benefits and liabilities after some time under states of various degrees of instability and hazard. Likewise Finance can be depicted as the investigation of cash administration. Things that matter in finance are the time estimation of cash, which expresses that buying force of one unit of coin, can shift after some time. Finance intends to value resources in light of their hazard level and their normal rate of return. finance can be broken into three distinctive sub-classifications: open finance, corporate finance and individual finance.

The Departmental scholastic program is created on the fundamental introduce that the individual is living in a present day, dynamic and adapted economy, which postures difficulties and vulnerabilities in basic leadership. Banking and Finance is intended to instill in the individual the capacity to distinguish, break down and offer answers for complex budgetary issues that may emerge from the mechanically changing monetary environment.

The program likewise goes for developing in the individual the essential hard working attitudes that is required in a generation economy which will bring about independence, sound good teach and individual completion.

Instruction in Banking and Finance goes for building up the fundamental monetary apparatuses that will empower the individual possess administrative positions in government and private part foundations, for example, Commercial and Merchant Banks, Insurance Companies, Finance and Investment Companies, Commerce and Industry and additionally prevail in independence.

Understudies of Banking and Finance will be shown courses on the portfolio conduct of banks and non-bank money related organizations. They will similarly be presented to the systems of share valuations of benefit amplifying and non-benefit making associations. The educational programs will empower the understudies to value the importance of capital use choices which are essential for feasible financial development. Additionally accentuation is similarly set on thrift through courses in individual monetary administration.

The Banking and Finance joins the investigation of present day financial matters with saving money and back. You will be acquainted with an expansive scope of monetary subjects including keeping money, budgetary intermediation, resource and obligation administration, monetary basic leadership, budgetary markets and foundations, and bookkeeping. This extensive variety of points will give you an inside and out comprehension of the way associations and budgetary frameworks work.

You will b instill on the most proficient method to apply microeconomic and macroeconomic hypothesis in budgetary settings, for instance the examination of contending speculation openings how to pick between ventures which offer the same monetary returns and how government arrangement impacts money markets.

The primary year of this degree is basic to all Bsc degrees in the Department of Economics so you will have the alternative to change to one of these degrees amid your first year: Business Economics, Economics , Economics and Accounting , or Financial Economics .

Toward the fulfillment of four years of thorough scholastic work, the understudies of Banking and Finance more likely than not gained the fundamental information to adapt to the difficulties of the more extensive society.

A Banking and Finance will set you up for a vocation in the private area, as in focal saving money and administrative offices. Your time here will likewise furnish you with the exploration systems that are crucial to postgraduate study

Frame UTME Requirements for Candidate in Nigeria

In UTME, please take note of that English Language is Compulsory for this course. Along these lines, the four (4) JAMB UTME subject blend expected to study Banking and Finance in the above Universities, Polytechnics or Monotechnics include:

Mathematics and any two of the accompanying:

  • Economics,
  • Geography,
  • History,
  • Government,
  • Commerce or
  • Principles of Accounts

O’level Requirements for Banking and Finance in Nigeria Institutions       

The O’level subject blend and necessities expected to study Banking and Finance in Nigeria:

You require;

English Language (not Literature in English) and Mathematics and any three subjects from the accompanying: Economics/Commerce,

  1. Business Methods,
  2. Principles of Accounts,
  3. Literature in English
  4. Geography
  5. Office Practice
  6. Biology/Agricultural Science,
  7. Chemistry,
  8. Physics,
  9. History/Government
  10. Typewriting
  11. Shorthand

Contemplating Banking and Finance will help you build up the abilities that driving businesses request, and make u to perceive how merchants function. I wish you best in your vocation interest.

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