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2017 Npower Teach Test update, Npower Teach Test Questions changed see new questions here www.npower.gov.ng

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2017 NPOWER TEACH TEST UPDATE – This is to inform you about the latest 2017 Npower Teach Test update in which 30 questions are set to answer by all N-power Teach applicants. Here we will state it clear concerning the latest 2017 Npower Teach Test update concerning the new development.

Now is certain for all N-power Teach applicants to answer about 30 questions in 20 minutes of time than previous N-Teach Test.

The N-power Teach support team has stated it categorical for all N-power Teach candidates to answer all necessary questions that show on their N-power Test login portal.

The 2017 N-power Teach New Assessment Test has started for N-power Teach candidates. The test was schedule to start on the 2nd of August 2017 but was shifted to 9th of August 2017 in order to accommodate more applicants, already many N-Teach applicants has taken their N-power Teach New Assessment Test.

The N-power teach portal can only be accessible only if BVN you used during the online recruitment exercise matched with the detail you submitted during the online recruitment exercise.

If your BVN does not match with your detail you will miss out!

The 2017 N-power Teach update shows that the N-power Teach New Assessment Test 2017 has been formulated in 4 categories namely:

  • N-Power Teach Assessment Test
  • N-power teach device selection
  • N-power steem test
  • N-power Skill and Experience Evaluation Test

In category of N-power Skill and Experience Evaluation, this segment contains 2 sections namely:

  1. Database, Programming, Networking Related Skills Quiz
  2.  Animation, Graphic, CGI Related Skills

Each segment contains 10 questions of which you will ask to answer questions based on Database, Programming, and Networking Related Skills also questions based on Animation, Graphic, and CGI Related Skills.

The above explanations mean that 2017 N-power Teach test update is on test formulation than previous N-power test. N-power applicants will now answer up to 30 questions in 2017.

Bear in mind all N-power question are objective and to be answer in 20 minutes.

2017 Npower Teach Test update on device selection

The N-power teach device selection is compulsory for N-Teach candidates before you finally submit your answer during your online test, you are advice to make a device selection of your choice on before you submit your answer through your dashboard.

Get 2017 Npower Teach Test  update here while checking on us always by any update concerning 2017 N-power recruitment.

2017 Npower Teach Test update on applicants having issues on N-power Test login Portal

Those N-Teach applicants having issues why trying to login, we advise you to wait on before the end of August 2017 all your problem will be solve by N-power support team.

Start N-power Teach Test now via https://apply.npower.gov.ng/n-power-teach-test/login/index.php

2017 Npower Teach Test update, Npower Teach Test Questions changed

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